KaptureAll Programmer


KaptureAll Programmer allows you to integrate your applications , written in any programming language, to KaptureAll

Your imagination is the limit. For example, your application will be able to create any routine to check  information in a data base or perform   calculations between values or  check the correlation between several pieces of information and make  decisions

KaptureAll Programmer is executed when each form is processed, using the KaptureAll Extractor or Viewer modules.

 Write your programs in any language, such as C, Java, Python Delphi.
The programs developed will add resources to the product such as:
  • Cross referencing data from fields on forms;
  • Arithmetic processing, financial calculations;
  • Field validations;
  • Many other functionalities to solve a particular need.

KaptureAll Programmer is a webservice which uses SOAP as a communication protocol.

By being a webservice, it permits integration with several programming languages in several operating systems.
Thus, with KaptureAll Programmer, you add resources to solve specific problems simply and economically.
With Programmer, your imagination is the limit.
KaptureAll Programmer is a Web Service, a technology which permits interaction of platforms.