Collect data from answer cards and several types of multiple-choice forms quickly and easily with little effort and at low cost.


  • KaptureAll is a software which extracts and interprets multiple-choice answer card marks, as well as printed and handwritten letters, numbers, bar codes and image clippings of forms and documents.Data extraction.
  • Ideal for applications involving civil service and college entrance exams, tests, different kinds of surveys, timesheets, inventory control and much more!
  • KaptureAll extracts and interprets data on any type of form, and if your company wants to use pre-printed forms, this is also possible using KaptureAll.
  • The modules are executed on a multi-task basis, performing different actions on a single computer.
  • The software interacts with the following databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostGree SQL, Access, DBF, TXT, Excel.

Ideal for large processing demands, the Multi-User product allows several machines to operate simultaneously


  • With “KaptureAll  Multiprocessor” product, KaptureAll MM, you can put more than one computer to work simultaneously. In other words, KaptureAll MM puts together the power of several computers operating in parallel and performing different tasks.
  • It is the most recommended solution for those who need to process a large quantity of information in a short period of time, such as civil service tests, census, researches, extraction of data in general and college entrance exams.

The Multi-User version increases productivity along with demand and as additional modules added to the KaptureAll configuration.  If the workload is large and the schedule tight, the KaptureAll Multi-User tool can make it a whole lot easier to achieve your goal.

KaptureAll is divided into modules that are responsible for performing different tasks:



This module controls and executes all the modules and synchronizes simultaneous access to the data base. Manager is a module available only on the KaptureAll Multi-User version.

Icone KAll_Konfig


This module configures the form reading areas based on a scanned image.



Supplies the information needed for the organization to grade its students. It provides invaluable information to discover those needing more assistance. Those who teach grade and those who grade apply tests!

Icone KAll_Skan


This module commands the scanner to digitalize the forms.

Icone KAll_Extraktor


This module extracts multiple-choice markings from the images, numerical or alphanumeric characters and bar codes, processable information and stores them in a data base to be processed. This module also clips photos, logos, signatures, etc.  Extracting data means transforming an image into usable information.



The Analysis modules generates tabulated, absolute and percentage results, illustrated with statistical graphics. Their research is processed directly in KaptureAll.

Icone KAll_Viewer


This module permits checking and editing of the information extracted by the Extractor module, when necessary.


This module merges PDF images of the forms with information from the data base of the candidates or students generating personalized forms that are ready for printing.
NOTE: This module may be customized based on user preference.



The KaptureAll Programmer allows you to integrate your programs, written in any language to KaptureAll.

KaptureAll Product Configuration
Product KaptureAll Lite KaptureAll Standard KaptureAll Entreprise
Recommended for: Small organizations. Small organizations with possibility of quick growth, medium to large organizations with medium to large data volumes. Medium and large organizations with large volume of handwritten data to process.
Multi-processing with the addition of more other modules to work in parallel and thus increase the power of the configuration, making the task less time consuming. No Yes Multi-processing by default
Scalability: Inclusion of more modules in different computers connected in network to increase processing capacity. No Yes*

*Only multi-processing version

Programmer Module: allows program development in any language. No Yes Yes
Handwriting Recognition – ICR No Yes. Uses standard recognition engine. Yes. User a higher precision recognition engine than the standard engine.
OCR Recognition Yes Yes Yes
OMR Recognition (Multiple choice) Yes Yes Yes
Barcode recognition, uni or two-dimensional (QR Code) Yes Yes Yes
Image cropping Yes Yes Yes
Processing and generation of statistical results presented in tables and graphs. Yes Yes Yes
Distribution of candidates or student in classrooms, ordered by different criteria. Yes Yes Yes
Form printing, with identification of the candidates or student, type of proof and photo. Yes Yes Yes
Form scanning, allowing pre-indexing or post-indexing. Yes Yes Yes
Editing of recognition result Yes Yes Yes
Special character fonts for template design. Yes Yes Yes
Easy Test module for correction of tests, evaluations and contests. Yes Yes Yes
Presents test, evaluation and exam results with the classification order. Output may be in print format or Excel, and can also be in graphic format. Yes Yes Yes
Automatic attendance list reading Yes Yes Yes
Candidates or student´s fingerprint or signature capture Yes Yes Yes
Multiple choice objective test type Yes Yes Yes
Processes right/wrong question types Yes Yes Yes
Processes multiple assertion question types Yes Yes Yes
Support to tests with more than one page Yes Yes Yes
Processing Speed Normal Normal Faster
Lifetime license in all above configurations

KaptureAll is marks without remarks.